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Inzata was named a Cool Vendor in Data Management by Gartner for releasing the world's first AI-Powered Data Modeler

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Data Quality

Inzata’s Fully Automated data quality solution Ensuring the accuracy, complete...

Facts, Attributes, and Metrics

Facts, Attributes and Metrics What are they? How do they work? – https://h...

Sprint review 151

We made numerous UI changes as part of the step-by-step redesign of the entire a...

Sprint review 148 – from End-User perspective

InBoard: Widget Map redesign in Dashboard ability to add more layers to the map:...

Sprint review 149

Sprint review 149 – from End-User perspective App: Be able to impersonate ...

New Feature Releases/Change Logs

Snowflake DB

Configure Inzata’s connector to automate ingestion of data from Snowflake ...

Push Process

How does it work? The PUSH process facilitates the smooth propagation of changes...

FAQ – Data Enrichment

FAQ – Modeling Data

FAQ – Loading and Moving Data

FAQ – General

What is Inzata? Inzata is a Data Analysis Software platform, Inzata is the faste...

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